Muscle daddies for Fathers Day

(About the social and sexual worlds of gay men as represented in gay porn. About men’s bodies, especially the muscle hunk body type. And about mansex. Not for kids or the sexually modest.)

The intro to today’s posting “Muscle Daddies Day” on AZBlogX, about a TitanMen sale for Fathers Day, featuring Liam Knox and Luke Adams in Muscle Daddies:

The TitanMen sales for US holidays contnue. Recently, Mothers Day skillfully turned into a gay porn occasion by focusing on muscle hunks who are muthuhs, using material from the gay porn DVD New Rules. Then mansex for Memorial Day featuring the DVD Beef. Now for Fathers Day — which in the gay porn world is always going to be about Daddy / Boy relationships — we get, of course, material from Muscle Daddies, a DVD I posted about back in March.

The background: Mothers Day. The XXX stuff for my Mothers Day posting here: a 5/12/18 posting “Mothers / Muthuhs Day 2018”. On this blog, about Titan’s New Rules, with four muscle hunks (all muthuhs), two older (Dirk Caber, Dakota Rivers), two younger (Julian Knowles, Daymin Voss).

The scenes in New Rules run through all the combinations: the younger men (Knowles and Voss) together, then Caber with Voss and Rivers with Knowles, then the older men (Caber and Rivers) together.

With a section on Daddy / Boy (or Boi) practices, looking at age, body type, roles in sex, dominance and submission, social dependence and exploitation. There are many patterns of relationship, and another world of relationships between age-disparate men that lies entirely outside Daddy – Boy practices.

The background: Memorial Day. Link to AZBlogX above, where there’s this brief tour of Liam Knox, who’s relevant today:

[#1 from Beef, Liam Knox & Julian Knowles:] Absorbed ecstatic craftsman expression on Liam Knox’s face, with his gaze locked on his fucker’s, Julian Knowles. Major muscle hunk (The Sword says: 50″ chest, 30″ waist, 20″ arms, and 26″ thighs, 215 pounds of muscle on a 5’9″ frame), nicely furred, fat cock.

On this blog, discussion in the 5/28/18 posting “More porn for the holidays”.

The background: on Muscle Daddies. On this blog, in the 3/15/18 posting “Cumshots from muscle daddies”, a section on this DVD, which has three pairings, with the man in the Daddy role underlined:

Dallas Steele and Jason Vario (Daddy bottoms for Boy), Jesse Jackman and Steve Roman (Daddy tops Boy), Liam Knox and Luke Adams (Daddy and Boy flip fuck)

Note the variation in the roles for sex.

Knox and Adams. Three images in my AZBlogX posting:

#1 there: The “It hurts so good, Daddy!” trope, with enormously muscled bodybuilder Liam Knox about to screw the muscular, but in this context boyish, Luke Adams.

A cropped version, so you can focus on the facial expressions:


#2 there: Adams seen smiling cutely and offering his ass (in my March posting)


#3 there: And in p.r. frontal display shots for Muscle Daddies, Knox and Adams side by side, so you can compare their body types:


A bonus, from Knox’s Twitter site, the man doing a formal-wear cock-tease:


All so you can enjoy a Titanic Daddies Day.


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