Return to the E. Zwicky grain mill

Kim Darnell has been preparing a Page on this blog linking to my postings about Switzerland and the Swiss. This has caused her to discover still more Zwicky-related sites — thus giving me still more things to post about. The great cycle of posting.

First up is a return to an old topic, the E. Zwicky company that makes, among other things, Zwicky muesli. See my 10/17/16 posting “More Zwicky postings”, with image #1 of muesli from the E. Zwicky AG [‘Ltd., LLC’] mill, with brief copy about the company. But now more detail, starting with the company’s logo, which involves both a stylized Zwicky signature and the company mascot, a little gnome:


From the company’s website:

(#2) The company’s main buildings, one with the logo on its side

Zwicky has been known as a leading Swiss specialist mill since 1892. Our trademark, the little gnome holding an ear of wheat, dates back to the turn of the [20th] century. Then as now, the little gnome stands for the high quality of the products. [This was a good half-century before the expression gnomes of Zürich became current. The allusion is presumably to gnomes as clever, inventive creatures of the earth.]

State-of-the-art production facilities controlled with know-how developed over the long term ensure permanent continuous development of our quality standard.

Thanks to the Kollath method® – a specialist process developed by Prof. Dr. W. Kollath – the full nutritional value of the growth and vitality substances, the vitamins, minerals and trace elements is naturally preserved for a long time in our products.

… History: Everything began in Amlikon in a corner of Thurgau [canton in northeast Switzerland] that remains as beautiful today as it was then. In 1892, Heinrich Zwicky took over the Amlikon mill that was at that point around 200 years old and operated it with a water turbine and petrol engine.

In 1911 he purchased the former Areal cement factory in Hasli from bankruptcy, in which a customer mill had been operated for 500 years. In around 125 years, Schweizerische Schälmühle [‘Swiss hulling-mill’] E. Zwicky AG has developed into the most important special mill of its kind. Our company in Müllheim-Wigoltigen has been family-owned since 1892 and is today in the fourth generation of management. The trademark, the gnome holding an ear of wheat, is a guarantee for high-quality products.

A map of the region:

(#3) Müllheim-Wigoltingen highlighted, Amikon-Bissegg to the southeast of it; Hasli is too small to make it on this map

In the northeast corner, that’s Konstanz, in Germany, on Lake Constance (to the east). Konstanz has a population of ca. 86,000. Kreuzlingen, just south of it, is the largest town (population ca. 21,000) in its district of Canton Thurgau, Switzerland. (For comparison: the population of Palo Alto CA is ca. 67,000.)

Otherwise, the places on the map are villages, most with a population of under 3,000.

On an even smaller scale, with Hasli highighted:

(#4) Note the scale information (and recall that 1 km. = .6 mi.)

In a plain by the lakes — but with mountains in the very near distance. There are always mountains in the background.

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