More misreading

I recently posted on the misreading of abutilon as ablution, an entirely explicable mistake. But some misreadings are baffling.

In my booklet Mistakes (p. 120) I reported that

I read the headline Kin of Slain Nuns Denounce Haig for “Smear Campaign,” first as Kin of Slain Nuts …, then as King of Slain Nuns

Lord knows where that came from. Or where my misreading of Cairo between Bill Burns as Carol Burnett (reported on this blog, here) came from.

Now, a few days ago, I thought I read

three mint pork sandwiches

on the menu at Gordon Biersch. Well, it was actually three mini pork sandwiches. The words are visually similar, but mint is preposterous in the context. And I’d seen the menu many times before. So: more bafflement.


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