Cool. That’s the URL for (francophone) Swiss artist Christine Zwicky-Lehmann’s website; it’s as if I had managed to get In any case, she came to me via Google Alerts, alerting me to one of her exhibitions back in 2013. From that website:


(So much to find in French âme (very roughly) ‘soul’.)

Mostly watercolors, but also acrylics.

From her site:

L’aquarelle a longtemps été une de mes techniques favorites. J’aime sa lumière, la justesse et la simplicité du moment, sa poésie. Elle influence encore maintenant ma peinture, car j’aime le geste spontané et léger.

L’acrylique m’a séduit par ses grandes possibilités techniques. C’est une peinture qui me permet spontanéité et  grandes libertés. J’y rajoute pigments, terres, sables et collages.

The works suggest scenes or states of mind without representing them. Two examples:

(#2) Terre Valaisanne (in the Valais)

(#3) La Creation


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