The multi-speed rainbow buttlight penguin (in blue)

Resting indoors:


Found by Elizabeth (Daingerfield Zwicky) and Opal (Armstrong Zwicky) at the Monterey Aquarium on the 4th: a Flashing Friend (“Press Me for Colorful Flashing Lights”). Press its rubber butt, and it flashes rainbow colors, in two speeds. A wonderful, remarkable little object.

Flashy in the wild, luxuriating in the silver-blue district on my patio:


(Towering over Flashy in the Senecio forest and Sedum undergrowth, an Echeveria just coming into bloom.)

Turns out you can get all sorts of flashing rubber creatures from China. And searching on “rainbow buttlight penguin” pulls up any number of t-shirt delights: unicorns pooping rainbows, of course, but also this:

(#3) Baby penguin playing gay pride rainbow flag guitar t-shirt

Parse that!


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