The H-fly

(Another posting in a long series on men’s underwear and the terminology for it. The topic and the illustrations, while technically not X-rated, might not be to the taste of some readers.)

In my mail today, an ad from the 10 Percent firm, offering all manner of wares of potential interest to gay people, especially gay men, and featuring the Jack Adams Jock Brief:

As a follow up to the incredibly popular Jack Adams Jock Brief, the Jack Adams Army Fly Jock Brief takes the open-rear brief design and adds an all-new front pouch created specifically to contour while providing a functional fly. You’ll love the pouch design as it gives support. (link)

(The regular Jock Brief has no functional fly.)

The innovation here — how long it’s been around, I don’t know — is the *horizontal* fly, a non-standard feature for fishing out your dick to pee. (For a long discourse on functional and vestigial flies in men’s underwear, look here.)

A reminder, for those of you who haven’t been following these endless postings on men’s underwear over the years: a jock brief is a brief in front, a jockstrap in back, which means that it has what the ad copy above somewhat delicately refers to as an open-rear design, meaning that there’s no rear panel at all. A straightforward label for these guys would be fuck-me briefs, but I doubt that any of the manufacturers or suppliers are going to adopt that label.

In photos: Jack Adams from the front and from the rear:

(There are other color choices; this one is the most dramatic, so of course I went for it.)

Yes, Jack Adams is no doubt intended to be heavy-handedly suggestive of jacking off, with Adams evoking maleness and maybe also at ’em.

This ad adopts the term Army Fly for the horizontal functional fly (as opposed to the lateral functional fly of your standard tighty-whities); I have no idea whether there’s any actual Army association here. But otherwise the terms are compositional horizontal fly or abbreviatory H-fly. As in the Jockey® Pouch Boxer Brief, on sale here, “unique horizontal fly underwear for confident security”. (It seems to have taken the Jockey people a long time to realize their faggot potential, but it looks like they’re working on it, cautiously.)

I haven’t tried any H-fly underwear, but it looks plausible. None of my underwear has a functional fly: it’s over the top or out the side for me, but I can appreciate the attractions of functional flies.


3 Responses to “The H-fly”

  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Emily Rizzo on Facebook:

    The horizontal fly is also available in boring white with full back panel from Vermont Country Store.

    Actually, the Jockey number is quite boring; gray is the exciting color, the other choices being white and black. With full back panel, of course.

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    Terry Bartlett on Facebook:

    All of my long distance comfort underwear for motorcycle riding has come with a “kangaroo pouch” type of fly for years now. It works really well. If you’re really interested you can search for “LD Comfort shorts” for the gory details.

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