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… from my neighborhood. The closing of Opa! Authentic Greek Cuisine two months ago:


From Palo Alto Online, “Opa closes in Palo Alto” by Elena Kadvany on 3/12/18:

Downtown Palo Alto’s Opa Authentic Greek Cuisine has closed after almost three years at 140 University Ave. [at High St.]

The restaurant’s website states that the location is now “available as an exclusive private dining venue and banquet facility.”

The outpost of the mini Bay Area restaurant chain opened in April 2015 after two short-lived restaurants shuttered in the prominent corner location, including Palo Alto Grill and alkymists

But for many years the corner location housed the sushi bar Miyake, which did a very brisk business because it was the closest sushi source to Stanford, wasn’t very expensive, and had a cute toy train delivery scheme for the sushi. It offered pedestrian sushi, but it had things going for it:


Meanwhile, on the local Greek restaurant front, I’ve already reported on the replacement, in March, of the Mexican restaurant La Morenita by the Greek restaurant Taverna:

(#3) Taverna

From the 4/30/18 posting “Food news in the neighborhood”:

Taverna’s main competition is the very high-end Evvia Estitorio at 420 Emerson St. (with which it has close ties).

High-end Greek restaurants in my neighborhood seem to be in an equilibrium state: Opa! goes, Taverna appears.

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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    At first glance at the opening sentence I thought the exclamation point was a lower-case l, and was amused at the thought of a local restaurant sharing your granddaughter’s name.

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