The news for penises: omnibus edition

On AZBlogX, a series of five postings with penises as the unifying theme. All five are highly X-rated, not for the kiddies or the sexually modest.

11/17/15: Cockfest #1: the basic offer (link): offer of an erect penis to suck

11/17/15: Cockfest #2: jacking off together (link): two men jacking off together: competition or collaboration or both?; sickling or winging the foot in ballet

11/17/15: Cockfest #3: Josman boy on boy (link): two cartoons by gay cartoonist Josman, showing boy-on-boy action

11/17/15: Cockfest #4: penis-to-penis (link): on a still from the gay porn flick Splash (naked men kissing and sharing their erections)

11/17/15: Cockfest #5: cum guzzling (link): on the gay porn flick The Cum Guzzler Club, with comments on cum play

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