Little Zippy and Gabby Goose

Today’s Zippy has Little Zippy appreciating comic art:


You suspect that the older boy’s original comic art in panel 1 is off-color, maybe even a strip from a Tijuana bible. Then we move to “Gabby Goose”, probably just a play on the alliterative “Donald Duck” (and “Mickey Mouse” etc.), but possibly (given Bill Griffith’s wide-ranging knowledge) an allusion to one (or both) of the existing Gabby Goose stories.

The older of the two is the 1930 book Gabby Goose and Her Friends, listed on as being by Helen M. Stockton. Cover here:


The book is cited as being by Helen M. Stockton, illustrated by Grace Phillips, but at least one source has things the other way around. In any case, Stockton (born in 1889) had some reputation as an artist (and school teacher) located in Westfield NJ in 1930.

More recently, there’s a collection of animal fairy tales. From Wikipedia:

Young Gabby Goose is a 1976 paperback anthology of 14 animal-centered fairy tales from around the world that have been collected and retold by Ruth Manning-Sanders.

The title comes from the first tale in the book, from Transylvania, “Young Gabby Goose and Mr Fickle Fox” (again with the alliteration). On the author, also from Wikipedia:

Ruth Manning-Sanders (21 August 1886 – 12 October 1988) was a prolific British poet and author who was perhaps best known for her series of children’s books in which she collected and retold fairy tales from all over the world. All told, she published more than 90 books during her lifetime.

We can only imagine what tales of Gabby Goose and Donald Duck would be like.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Andras Kornai on Facebook:

    And since it’s all about knowing Hungarian, we should add Gőgös Gúnár Gedeon (Gideon the Haughty Gander), a 1962 educational book that teaches reading and writing by omitting some letters and words from the text so that the young readers have to puzzle them out.

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