Sweet Jesus on a waffle cone!

Annals of ornate exclamations. This one caught my ear in a scene from the 2014 gay screwball comedy Such Good People — a response from a spokesman for a porpoise charity on their getting a nearly million-dollar contribution from the central characters of the movie.

A contributor to Urban Dictionary asserts confidently that it originated with Stephen Colbert, and that’s not at all implausible, but I haven’t found evidence of an actual event when Colbert used the expression.

From Wikipedia on the movie:

Such Good People is a 2014 American feature film comedy from director Stewart Wade, screenwriter David Michael Barrett, and editor David Avallone, who produced the film under their banner, Such Good Productions. The picture had its world premiere at MiFo: Miami Fort Lauderdale LGBT Film Festival on May 9, 2014 at the historic Colony Theater on Lincoln Road.

A screwball comedy, Such Good People tells the story of Richard (Michael Urie) and [his husband] Alex (Randy Harrison) who, while house-sitting for rich humanitarian friends, find a huge stash of cash in the residence. When the homeowners die in a car crash, altruism and greed collide as Richard and Alex try to decide what to do with the money.

Urie and Harrison doing astonished in the movie. (You might recognize Harrison from his character Justin Taylor from (U.S.) Queer as Folk. His smile still lights up rooms.)

The movie is a sweet trifle.

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