Drew Dernavich

A posting by Mark Peters yesterday on the Psychology Today blog, “A Cartoon Maestro Talks Comedy: I interview New Yorker cartoonist Drew Dernavich”

One example of a language-related Dernavich cartoon:


Cat advises dog, using the omnipresent “no word for X” trope.

An earlier Dernavich, on Language Log:

BZ, 8/24/06: Obscenicons in the workplace (link)

On Dernavich, from his own site:

Drew was born in Massachusetts, and began drawing things immediately thereafter. He completed his formal education with a Fine Arts degree from The College of William and Mary, where he angered his art professors by telling them he wanted to be a cartoonist.

Eventually Drew moved to Boston and began drawing political cartoons for a variety of weekly newspapers, earning Massachusetts and New England Press Awards for his work. He also began careers carving gravestones, and capturing business meetings graphically, both of which he still does.

Drew had his first cartoon published in the New Yorker magazine in 2002.

And on Mark Peters, from his own site:

Mark Peters (better known as wordlust on Twitter) is a euphemism-collector for Visual Thesaurus and a blogger for Oxford University Press. Formerly, this blog was a collection of rare, raw, real words. Now it’s the forever home for orphaned humor pieces and encore tweets.


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