On the spam comment front

Back in the old days, a year ago, I noted that

A long time ago, I noticed that spam comments on this blog had inched up to being about 10 times as numerous as legitimate comments. Yesterday I checked again, noting 29,181 spam comments and 1,907 legitimate ones; the ratio has slowly crept up to 15.3. Sigh.

While I was sleeping, the number of spam comments (since I started the blog in December 2008) crept over the 100,000 mark, to 100,161 this morning. As against the 3,705 legitimate comments and pingbacks, the ratio is up to just over 27, almost doubling the ratio of a year ago. (And it would be even higher if we excluded the pingbacks.)

For comparison: back at the beginning of September, (new) Language Log had logged over a million spam comments (see Mark Liberman’s posting here), for a spam-to-legit ratio of only about 7.4. I see that as more a reflection on the very high rate of commenting on LLog than on the rate of spamming there.

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