The flying bucket on Sepulveda

Today’s Zippy offers tasty chicken on Sepulveda — no, not sultry young men, but actual fried poultry:


That would be the orginal Dinah’s Fried Chicken, aka Dinah’s Family Restaurant, at 6521 S Sepulveda Blvd., LA. Where you can get that deep-fried feeling, as a star of movies and tv.

The restaurant in a recent incarnation:

(#2) Outside

(#3) Inside

On Sepulveda, see my 3/26/17 posting “On the boulevard of broken dreams with Kip Noll”. (Relevantly to the current posting, Kip Noll was a piece of LA chicken.)

On the restaurant and its history, from Eater Los Angeles on 7/16/13, “Teri Ernst, Owner of Dinah’s Family Restaurant”,  by Matthew Kang:

Teri Ernst has worked at Dinah’s Family Restaurant, an iconic Westside institution, since 1975. Years later, she eventually married her husband, whose family had owned the restaurant since 1959. Teri and her husband took over the classic Googie diner in 1989 and eventually updated its decor and menu to reflect the times, though that didn’t stop Hollywood from using it as a common backdrop. The famous bucket hanging over the building touting fried chicken has a history of its own.

[The place was featured prominently in the movie Little Miss Sunshine]

[MK] What other movies [and] TV shows has Dinah’s been in? [TE] We used to film scenes in The Big Lebowski. We’ve done Malcolm in the Middle, Modern Family, and plenty of other TV shows. Every time a new season starts, I get phone calls. People like to use the place because of the interior and the classic look.

As for April 5, 1988, I have no idea. Here’s what the Take Me Back site has to say about the day:

It was Tuesday, under the sign of Aries. The US president was Ronald Reagan (Republican). Famous people [for some value of famous] born on this day include Mylène Adam and Quade Cooper. In that special week of April people in US were listening to “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car” by Billy Ocean [watch here]. In [the] UK “Heart” by [the] Pet Shop Boys [listen here] was in the top 5 hits. Above the Law, directed by Andrew Davis, was one of the most viewed movies released in 1988 while The Cat Who Came For Christmas by Cleveland Amory was one of the best selling books. On TV people were watching City Hunter 2 [an anime series]. If you liked videogames you were probably playing Haunted Castle or Baal.

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