Book flash: New Work on Speech Acts

What looks to be an excellent report on work in semantics/pragmatics on speech acts, from OUP:


Alerted to this by Geoff Nunberg on ADS-L, who provided the following note on his piece:

Includes my paper “The Social Life of Slurs” which found a home at last thanks to Dan Harris and the other editors (an earlier version is still up at the Semantics Archive The thesis, in a nutshell: “Racists don’t use slurs because they’re derogative; slurs are derogative because they’re the words that racists use.”

(and similarly for other group-directed slurs).

The table of contents:


More than this I can’t tell you. I haven’t seen the book, and I probably never will, so long as it sells for $100 (before taxes and shipping). Perhaps if OUP sells enough copies to academic libraries, they will eventually put out a paperback edition that impoverished academic types could afford.

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