The Exotic of the North Country

Today’s ad for Daily Jocks:

Jimi’s father is
Filipino, his mother Provençal, but
He’s taken for Finnish, and
His clients are hot for Finnish
Dudes, so now he knows a
Helluva lot about Helsinki, though
He’s never been there.

The DJ ad text:

Exclusive Release! Introducing Helsinki Athletica, anatomically designed sports underwear for every active man. Each pair is made from a breathable cotton and spandex blend and features white piping detail and wide geometric waistband.

The underwear is indeed handsome, in bold colors (but are there jockstraps that aren’t “anatomically designed”?). I haven’t posted any further examples, since the catalogue photos are basically just crotch shots — steely focus on the underwear! — and I need faces, human faces.

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