A foodmageddon

The eruption of disaster-mageddon words continues: weather -mageddons, traffic -mageddons, political -mageddons, and more (some links here). And now, shrill cries of disaster from foodies: the California foie-mageddon / foiemageddon, as reported (for example) in yesterday’s New York Times, here (“Waddling Into the Sunset: California Chefs Mount a Repeal of Foie Gras Ban Set for July 1” by Jesse McKinley):

The countdown to foie-mageddon has begun.

With less than a month until California’s first-in-the nation ban on foie gras takes effect, fans of the fattened duck and goose liver are buying out stocks of the delicacy, searching for legal loopholes and sating themselves at a series of foie-heavy goodbyes.

“We want to get our fill before it’s gone,” said Terrance L. Stinnett, a lawyer from Alamo, Calif., who attended a farewell lunch here recently. “This is a wake.”

July 1 is the start date of the hotly debated and divisive ban, which prohibits the sale of any product derived from the force-feeding of birds to enlarge their livers — the most common way to mass-produce foie gras.  (The law was passed in 2004, but included a seven-and-a-half-year grace period.)

(Larry Horn noted on ADS-L that other references to the upcoming crise de foie can be found, for example in blogs associated with New York magazine, but they all seem to be fairly recent.)


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