Inventory of who/whom postings

Another inventory, this time of Language Log postings about who vs. whom. The inventory isn’t annotated, and it might not be complete.

GP, 4/17/04: I really don’t care whom (link)

ML, 4/18/04: Whom humor (link)

GP, 9/10/04: The coming death of whom: photo evidence (link)

ML, 11/9/04: Talking about whom you are and who you’re seeking (link)

ML, 10/22/05: Whomever controls language controls politics (link)

ML, 12/2/06: Class consciousness (link)

HH, 12/21/06: Dog whistles for linguists (link)

AZ, 1/5/07: Whom? (link)

AZ, 1/8/07, Marxist quotation (link)

AZ, 1/23/07: Whom shall I say [ ___ is calling ]? (link)

AZ, 1/28/07: Relevance of a different kind (link)

ML, 5/3/07: A note of dignity or austerity (link)

AZ, 6/18/07: ISOC, ESOC (link)

ML, 8/29/08: It’s whom (link)

AZ, 9/8/07: Whom was that masked man? (link)

BZ, 10/24/07: It’s a made-up word used to trick students (link)

ML, 10/26/07: Cold comfort for whomever (link)

AZ, 4/11/08: Wikipedia gets it half right (link)

AZ, 7/30/08: Not exactly a smackdown (link)

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    […] inventory of postings on who vs. whom in Language Log and this blog can be found here. The most important material is in the first seven sections of “Whom shall I say [ ___ is […]

  2. Unprovoked subject whom « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] on Language Log and this blog (an inventory of postings on who/whom, through 11/15/09, is available here). Occurrences of whom in subject position can be motivated by sentence syntax — in the […]

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