The feast day of Saint George of the Beverly Tearoom

This is not only Pride day in many major cities, San Francisco included, but it’s also the birthday of Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, known professionally as George Michael, born 6/25/63 — Saint George of the Beverly Tearoom, the patron saint of parks at night. Saint George of the BT (as he has become familiarly known) is also celebrated on his Day of Erection, April 7th, commemorating April 7th, 1998, when he was arrested and publicly shamed for his sexual activities in public places, but then, through his defiant music, rose from the dirt to become a King of the Queers.

Today we sing to Saint George, who went down on his knees for all of us and offered his body to all of us.

The holy site of Saint George, the Michael Beverly Tearoom (T-room, in some texts):


The public restroom at Will Rogers Park, across the street from the Beverly Hills Hotel: 9650 Sunset Blvd., Beverly Hills CA 90211. Not some sleazy hidden rendezvous spot, resorted to in the dark of night, but a nicely landscaped and well-maintained site in an exceedingly tony neighbood, where Saint George went down (legally if not, on this occasion, sexually) in the middle of a bright California afternoon.

Pre-apotheotic George Michael, the Hunk of Wham, in a Speedo:


And the ascended Saint George:


(Nimbus not shown in this portrait.)


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    From Aric Olnes in Facebook:

    Praise his precious bodily fluids.

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