A fashion for portmanteaus

Playful portmanteauing is everywhere [so is verbing]. Here, for example, from Daniel Clowes’s “Wilson in Day 16,412” comic strip in the March 15 New Yorker: sitting at a cafe table on the street, Wilson is approached by a young man seeking signatures and donations for a “save the planet” cause. Afterwards, Wilson remarks to a guy at next table:

You know what my ex used to call those guys?  “Clippies.”  Get it?  Clipboard plus hippie.

And then there’s Hilary Price in Rhymes With Orange. A few days ago came nightmarathon. And now today:

One Response to “A fashion for portmanteaus”

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    […] on playful portmanteaus — most recent examples I’ve posted on here (nightmarathon) and here (floorganized) — with Petris (pet + […]

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