The clean-gasm

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The playful libfix –gasm, extracted from orgasm and suggesting great satisfaction (akin to orgasm). Here attached to clean (either Adj or V, probably Adj),

Not apparently taken up on this blog before, but –gasm got some press on Language Log, from Geoff Pullum on 2/8/10 in “Isms, gasms, etc.”, where Geoff looked at a Partially Clips strip with the playful formation badgergasm.

A symptom of –gasm‘s being  a formative of expressive / playful morphology rather than plain / ordinary morphology is that it is promiscuous with respect to the category of the formative it attaches to. Actually attested formations include those with base N, V, and Adj.

Base N: Foodgasm. The racy web tv show:


About Foodgasm: Featuring saucy chef Ashley Simone, Foodgasm is a sensual web cooking series that is a little bit naughty, a little bit nice, and has a feel of the 1940s. This web cooking show pays attention to special diets (pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free), but food is prepared in a way that is tasty and appealing to all people. Foodgasm also emphasizes the sensuality of food. “Food is love.” (link)

Base V: Killgasm. The “blackened grindcore” metal band. From their Facebook page in 2014 (the group apparently disbanded in 2016):

  (#3) Killgasm. A Stab in the Heart of Christ

KILLGASM was originally started in 2002 by Emperor Kuntslaughter in Sacramento, California. After lots of setbacks and line-up changes the band released their first demo “Sodomized for Satan” in 2004 and began playing shows in 2005.

…  in 2011 KILLGASM released their magnum opus: the long-awaited and critically acclaimed full-length CD “Bloodbath of Satanic Vengeance”! 10 tracks of murder, rape and Satan. But this full-length is just the beginning, Killgasm is already diligently working on their next crime against humanity which will be called “A Stab in the Heart of Christ” set for a 2014 release.
KILLGASM plays filthy and perverted blackened grindcore terrorism against the entire human race!

Base Adj: happygasm. An Urban Dictionary entry:

when something gives you a huge burst of happiness, that your joy is of equal or better feeling than sex

Guy 1: Dude, your so lucky you got a mercedes for your sweet sixteen!

Guy 2: Yeah i know, i had the biggest happygasm of my life.

by ChelleRoseaful November 02, 2010

Bonus N base: Wordgasm. Words as the agents of pleasure, yes, but in a specific way. Wordgasm, a 2011 book of quotations by Rob Deck; from Google Books:


Wordgasm is a collection of lavish letters, passionate poems, and lustful lyrics that have been written over thousands of years with one single purpose in mind — to experience the power that words have over the body’s innermost yearnings. Just a few simple phrases can produce chemical changes in the human body, heighten the senses, and create sparks leading to a wild, raging fire in the soul. The passages in this scintillating collection include the famous words of Napoleon as he passionately expressed his desires to Josephine, as well as the last words written from soldiers to their wives as they yearn for their touch during battle. The lyrics offered speak not only to the ears and minds of women, but also to their entire beings, creating an experience. The poems range from romantic and innocent to erotic and scintillating — not soon to be forgotten. Wordgasm is not only a great guide for couples hoping to regain the spark in their romantic relationships; it’s also the perfect guide for men who want to improve their communication with their partners. Any lover of history will rediscover the passion behind the famous people and their words that shaped the world as we know it.

4 Responses to “The clean-gasm”

  1. jensfiederer Says:

    In German, the equivalent of the “sm” (“smus”) got used creativily in an ethnic joke which does not translate well to English:.

    In Ostfriesland haben sie drei mal an Tag Mus:
    morgens Apfelmus, mittags Pflaumenmus, abends Orgasmus.

    In East Frisia they have sauce 3 times a day: mornings apple sauce, noons plum sauce, evenings orgasm.

    My stepmother remembered this recently because I was reading the joke many years ago, and asked her innocently in public, loud, “Was is Orgasmus?”

  2. Robert Coren Says:

    An online friend of mine likes to use “flavorgasm” for the food version,which has the merit of encapsulating the original word in its entirety.

  3. Chris Waigl (@chrys) Says:

    Well, you’re clearly missing nerdgasm. Also, yarngasm, common in some subcultures.

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