V me, I’m Irish

(Men’s bodies and tons of mansex — anal, anal, anal — in street language. No actual penises on display, but nevertheless absolutely not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Padraig porn for the day:

(#1) The TitanMen gay porn sale for this weekend: Kiss me, I’m Irish

Four things: One, Dakota Rivers fucking Liam Knox in Dick Danger 2: The Return of the Dick, and their facial expressions — in particular, Knox’s half-smile of pleasure in being fucked. Two, Kiss me, I’m Irish and playful variations on the catchphrase, including Fuck me, I’m Irish and Blow me, I’m Irish. Three, a note on the pleasures of being fucked. Four, some bilingual wordplay on Kiss me / Baise-moi.

How Dakota and Liam look while they’re fucking. Two previous postings on Rivers and Knox in The Return of the Dick:

on 3/9/18 on this blog, “The further adventures of Dick Danger”, about the forthcoming release of the porn flick (with a title punning on dick ‘penis’ / ‘detective’)

on 7/4/18 on AZBlogX, “Liam Knox for the 4th”, in which #4 has the full photo of Rivers fucking Knox (missionary style) in Dick Danger 2 — used as the ad image for the TitanMen April Fool’s Day 2018 sale; now it appears again for St. Patrick’s Day 2019 — a fuck that will apparently live on and on in the holiday jack-offs of gay men (bonus shots from The Return in the 7/4/18 posting: #7 with Rivers fucking Knox doggie style, #8 with Rivers sucking Knox’s cock)

Now, the men’s faces in the holiday image:

(#2) The workmanlike Rivers, intent on fucking Knox (and gazing into his eyes)

(#3) Knox’s half-smile of pleasure at having Rivers’s cock in his ass oh yes baby yes yes yes fuck me like that oh sweet jesus fuck (not an actual transcript)

Possibly Knox is on his way to full Ecstatic, just at the early Happy Boxboy stage. That’s for us to imagine; this is, after all, a still shot staged for the ad, not a screen shot of the action in the flick.

But it’s evocative and satisfying to view. Knox is lying back with his head resting on his hands, his entire body open (in a pitsntits presentation) for his fucker to appreciate, a thin sheen of sexsweat on his forehead. The scene is, first of all, about the men’s faces, then Knox’s body, and then, in the visual center of the photo. Rivers’s sturdy cock entering Knox’s asshole and Knox’s sweet balls and half-hard cock (a fully engaged fuckhole is of course aroused by his fucker’s face, body, and cock, but his intense pleasure is mostly focused on his asshole, not his own cock).

Above, in #3, that pleasure as distilled in Knox’s relaxed but alert body and  in his face.

V me, I’m Irish. A catchphrase of the day. From Wikipedia:

Kiss me, I’m Irish is a common phrase associated with St. Patrick’s Day. It often appears on T-shirts.

(#4) The catchphrase as a t-shirt slogan

It originates from the legend of the Blarney Stone, which is believed to bring luck and eloquence to those who kiss it.

According to Jemma Tosh of Manchester Metropolitan University, the phrase is related to anti-Irish racism and sexual violence: “Whether it is the popular ‘Kiss me I’m Irish’ or the more aggressive ‘Rape me I’m Irish’ ‘joke,’ the conceptual Irish body is positioned as an object for others to act upon.”
[“”Rape Me, I’m Irish”: An Analysis of the Intersecting Discourses of Anti-Irish Racism and Sexual Violence”Intersectionalities. 4 (1): 59–81 (2015)]

Whoa! “Rape me, I’m Irish” is not the punchline of a joke with any currency at all. On the other hand, “Fuck me, I’m Irish” — a playful variation on the catchphrase (on playful variations, see, among other postings, this one from 2014 and this one from last week) — is available as a slogan on tons of t-shirts, of many different designs. One here:

(#5) A (genuinely) light-hearted t-shirt, intended to convey a P-construal of fucking — anal or vaginal — as a social act, rather than a V-construal

From my 2/10/17 posting “Annals of adorable”, on two different accounts of how one man might come to be fucked by another:

(P) men engage in these sex acts because they find them both physically pleasurable and emotionally satisfying [P is for pleasure]

(V) being fucked is being subjected to an act of violence, a painful, aggressive, and humiliating violation of the body (humiliating because it is both feminizing and also a defeat at the hands of another man) [being fucked is being raped; V is for violence]

Almost all gay men who bottom for other men construe the act as one of pleasure for them. And of course in their ordinary life, straight women hope that getting fucked will equally be a source of pleasure for them. In both cases, a t-shirt like (#5) is an offer of mutual pleasure (for both parties). A hyperbolically promiscuous offer, to be sure, but an offer nevertheless. And it assumes that being Irish (in fact or in the ad-hoc fantasy of the holiday) makes the wearer attractive.

In fact, the fuck variant of the catchphrase is potentially ambiguous between an older Agent-Subject, Patient-Object sense of fuck (Fuck me! says I want you to fuck me) and a newer Patient-Subject, Agent-Object sense (Fuck me! says I want you to fuck for me, I want to fuck you). Details in my 7/9/13 posting “Sexual lexical semantics”. But no matter who’s the penetrator and who’s the recipient, the t-shirt in #5 takes the P-view of the act of fucking, not the V-view.

Of course, the fuck variant of the catchphrase isn’t the only one around. There are oral variants:



And variants with (rough) synonyms of fuck: eat me, screw me, bang me, all attested (but not illustrated here).

And variants that aren’t sexual at all: trust me, beer me, punch me, fight me, plant me [garden store], murder me [murder mystery game], …

The happy boxboy. Back in my 2/10/17 “Annals of adorable” posting:

The disjuncture between (P), the celebratory, bright sexual world according to gay men, and (V), the alarming, dark world of mansex according to some straight men, could hardly be greater. What gay men can do, what I can do, is amplify on the former world, explaining the physical pleasures and the emotional satisfactions of mansex in vibrant detail, to sketch an alternative to (V). Not to say, Try It, You’ll Like It — though in fact the techniques of mansex can be learned, and can provide satisfactions even if you’re a guy who’s not aroused by other guys, as straight brolovers have discovered — but to depict an attractive alternative sexual world based on mutual pleasure and regard.

… since we’re on butt-fucking here, let me just say that when I’m in [the bright world of gay sexual pleasure] I love getting fucked. It feels fantastic [physically, in several ways], and when it really goes well (as it almost always did with Jacques) I feel intensely masculine, sharing my body with another man, becoming man-squared with him inside me (and on his end J felt the same way: joined together, we were awesomely powerful). That’s a really big emotional payoff.

Very briefly on the physical pleasures of getting fucked up the ass:

the stimulation of the anal ring (comparable in some ways to stimulation of the lips, both the mouth and the anus being abundantly supplied with nerve endings), also exploited in other sorts of anal play (stroking, finger-fucking, rimming, dildo play)

the sensation of being pleasurably filled (up)

the stimulation of the prostate, a guy’s version of a woman’s O-spot

There are also psychological pleasures in receptive sex, as I noted above. These can be quite intense. From my 2/9/16 posting “Morning names: wiles, Wiles”:

I’ve been reflecting on [Kevin Wiles’s] take on cocksucking and bottoming. In both cases, he goes well beyond mere willingness (after all, anyone can learn to perform these acts at least competently) and beyond enthusiasm, into something deeper and more intense, amounting to a kind of sexual orientation of its own, in which he submits with pleasure to another man by taking that man’s cock into his body (into his mouth or into his asshole) and worships it by having it become, in his sexual imagination, part of his own body. He absorbs that cock, as a symbol of the man it represents and the essence of his masculinity, and becomes one with it. He is deeply oriented towards cock (and consequently towards cum), as (I now say) an ubercocksucker or uberbottom (or both, as in KW’s case).

For some men, there’s a further psychological satisfaction: submission. See my 2/17/19 posting “Eat it! The oral humiliation you deserve”, on the paradoxical pleasures of (some or all of) SHAC:  submission, humiliation, abuse, constraint.

A lexical note, from my 12/29/15 posting “Boxboys and transitive bottoming”:

there’s a set of everyday terms for the vagina, and box is one of those — at the euphemistic end of the scale, with pussy taking us into taboo territory, and cunt at the extreme, flagrantly coarse, end of the scale.

… all everyday vocabulary for the vagina can be (and, as far as I can see, has been) pressed into service to refer to the male anus viewed as a (receptive) sexual organ (see my 7/26/13 posting on the phenomenon). That gives us a series of synonyms of bottom boy ‘man whose preference is to serve as the recipient in anal intercourse, man who prefers to be fucked’: from the top on down: cuntboypussyboy, and, yes, boxboy. (All of these have boy used for a gay man, of whatever age.)

The fairy’s fuck. Another round of play on kiss me, now from French. From  my 9/13/13 posting “Défonce Moi”, on French vulgar slang:

The new routine vulgarity [largely replacing foutre] is the verb baiser, as in the title of a controversial French film … Baise-moi (Fuck Me)

Baiser is a French verb meaning “to fuck”; it also means “a kiss” when used as a noun (un baiser)

and is now in competition with the even more vulgar, more powerful défoncer.

But in the appropriate context, the noun le baiser ‘the kiss’ can still distantly evoke fucking, which makes the title Le baiser de la fée (The Fairy’s Kiss) potentially risible. From Wikipedia:

Le baiser de la fée (The Fairy’s Kiss) is a ballet in one act and four scenes composed by Igor Stravinsky in 1928 and revised in 1950 for George Balanchine and the New York City Ballet.

(#8) Cover art: The Fairy Woods by Henry Meynell Rheam, 1903

Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s short story Isjomfruen (English: The Ice-Maiden), the work is an homage to Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, for the 35th anniversary of the composer’s death.

Things pile up in the context: not just baiser, but also la fée / fairy, with their possible, um, fey connotations, and then the association with the homosexually inclined Tchaikovsky.

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