Data points: portmanteaus 4/8/11

Reported by Don Steiny a little while ago from his days in Santa Cruz: the portmanteau  hippiecrite. Lots of hits, including this one, with commentary (and photos):

MONDAY, JUNE 7, 2010
Hippie VS. HippieCrite

OK folks, welcome to the first showdown between the real peace lovers and the trendy tree huggers. By analyzing these images for hours on end, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately decipher an honest hippie from a hippiecrite when you encounter them in the wild…such as a Ben Harper concert or the local mall. (Trick number one: Hardcore hippies don’t shop at malls. They only buy their sandals and ponchos from free-trade, hemp-spun online companies based out of Nepal and distributed in California. Take notes.)

What is a hippiecrite, you ask? Have you ever gotten a bitchy stare from a girl wearing a peace sign T-shirt from Diesel? Did you suddenly realize the biggest douchebag at work has a Coexist bumper sticker on the back of his Land Rover? Do you know the girl at the bar who talks about eating organic produce while she downs a vodka soda? These are hippiecrites. And I am actually the last one, among many other hippiecritical activities.

And an Urban Dictionary entry, with (among others) this pointed definition:

A portmanteau of the words hippie and hypocrite, used to point out typically wealthy liberal elitist persons who preach traditional hippie values such as tolerance, environmental awareness, socialism/liberalism, personal freedom, pacifism, well-being and human empathy, but in practice do the opposite.


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