Invisible in Eureka

Today’s Zippy, with an invisible Zippy haunting Eureka CA (plus a note on the idiom bucket list):


The diner is, of course, a real one:


Fresh Freeze [since 1951 in Eureka] offers a classic menu of Burgers and Dogs (including Chili and/or Cheese Burgers and Dogs) along with a tasty selection of alternatives, such as Garden Burgers, Sea Burgers and Fish & Chips. Fresh Freeze has lots of other items too, from BLTs and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to Onion Rings and Zucchini.

Get a cool blast from the past at our 50s-styled diner!

A separate walk-up window serves old-fashioned Soft-served and Dipped Cones, Shakes, Malts, Freezes, Sodas, Floats and Sundaes.

The use of capitalization is entertaining.


One Response to “Invisible in Eureka”

  1. Cary Moy (@UTZAAKE) Says:

    Sometimes Bill Griffith creates a new strip by taking one of his from the past and changing the words and a few details. He just did it again today (F 10/5/18) with the TU 12/10/13 strip you featured above. Here it is:

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