The terror of Disney

Today’s Zippy has our Pinhead panicked by Donald, Goofy, and (especially, shudder) Mickey:


Threatening and grotesque, indeed.

I grew up with Disney comic books, which I enjoyed a lot; I now have several reprint volumes of the Carl Barks and Don Rosa strips. I also grew up with Disney animated shorts, which I detested.

The Mickey Mouse Club tv show started when I was 15, and I detested it too, for its forced cuteness. Disneyland also opened when I was 15, Disney World much later (when I was 31) — both too late for me to view them with anything other than horror. And in any case they were just the detestable animated shorts grotesquely blown up. Nightmare time for me as well as Zippy (and Bill Griffith, who, like Zippy, grew up on Long Island). Mickey, get your goddam pervy hand off my shoulder!

As it happens, Griffith has used the images in #1 at least once before in a slam on Disneyland. From my 5/30/10 posting “Disney creepitude”:


Rather too much enthusiastic personal interest for Zippy’s taste, especially from larger-than-human cartoon figures. No doubt there are guys who would welcome a same-sex liaison with such a creature — the world of fetishized sexual attraction is big and diverse — but it’s not Zippy’s doughnut.

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