Sticking it to Saint Sebastian

A return to the Saint Sebastian theme, in a pincushion from the Ship of Fools site (last sampled in “Madonna of the Memories”):

This came on a postcard from Chris Ambidge. In the same series is this action figure:

Jesus saves… the match with a near-miraculous bicycle kick. This is one in a series of plastic action figures of Jesus engaged in up-to-the-minute pursuits from skateboarding to surfing and from biking to rodeo. Oh, and there’s one of him begging too.

The verb save, usually transitive, has a number of intransitive uses where it’s “understood transitively”, interpreted as having an unexpressed direct object — referring to money or some commodity, or, in the case of Jesus, referring to people or souls (with two different senses of save). Now extended here to saving a game or a match (or a play in a game). (Then there’s the old lame joke, “Jesus saves … Green Stamps”.)

Finally, not illustrated here, the Pope’s Cologne:

Which of us, hand on heart, has never thought, “I wish I could smell like a Pope”? The Pope’s Cologne is infallibly recreated from the personal recipe of Pius IX, the longest running and sweetest smelling Pope of all. With notes of violet and citrus, this 150-year-old Vatican toilet water will make a truly fragrant offering for the holy father in your life.

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