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(Mostly about the gay pornstar Damien Crosse. Tons of frank talk in plain terms about the male body, gay sexual practices, and man-man sex, so not for kids or the sexually modest, but without any X-rated images, though some of the images skirt the line and all are unashamedly homoerotic.)

A follow-up to an AZBlogX posting yesterday “X-rated Damien Crosse”, which was prompted by Crosse’s appearance in several Men At Play videos, two of them illustrated by stills on my X blog. Men At Play features men in business suits, having sex in various contexts, but mostly at the office.

And then yesterday I posted on shoulder/holster harnesses and Y harnesses and some other fetishwear, taking off from a hot (but not X-rated) photo of Crosse in a shoulder harness at San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair to write about the way Crosse presents himself sexually and displays his body.

So I am moved to write an appreciation of Crosse on this blog.

The MAP stills are from Glove Love (Crosse in a business suit jacking himself off with a leather glove) and The Golden Payback (Crosse in a business suit enjoying watersports (that is, piss play) with another businessman).

From the MAP site on Crosse:

Damien Crosse is sexy, butch and rugged! With his short haircut, beard and stocky build with a lightly hairy chest he looks like a real man’s man and you wouldn’t want to mess with him in a fight! But when MAP got there hands on him the sexy thug turned into a city gent. He looks great in a suit but the best part of Damien has got to be his beautiful big meaty cock which he just loves to use wherever and whenever he can! One Map member describes Damien as “Seriously hot in and out of his suit…with a nice thick cock to get the salivatory [i.e., salivary] juices going! He definitely gets the blood rushing to my groin”. And Damien certainly knows how to use his nice thick cock!

This piece of entertaining fluff is aimed at the viewer who wants to fantasize servicing Crosse’s excellent cock (and excellent it is; some discussion in my X blog posting), but in fact Crosse comes close to being as sexually versatile as a gay man can get, enthusiastically playing either role in almost any gay sexual practice you can think of. Indeed, his first appearance on this blog (in one section of a December 20th posting) was in a scene from the Michael Lucas flick Men in Love, where he’s paired with Will Helm: Helm fucks Crosse, who plays a hungry bottom. That posting has one shot that shows the fucking (but manages not to show any cock), and has information on both of the actors and cock-tease photos of both of them.

The X blog posting has a section on Crosse’s versatility in roles, contrasting a dick-display photo in which he takes on a menacing hustler stud role and his performance in the video Hunger Gang, a gangsuck / gangbang / bukkake film in which he takes on four men in all three of these ways, with evident enormous pleasure. (This is technically Crosse being submissive and being humiliated, but you wouldn’t know that from the gusto with which he tackles these guys.)

Crosse has worked for several studios, in an enormous number of gay flicks, a few of them sampled in two compilation films, Damien Crosse: Uncut (his work for Titan) and The Damien Crosse Anthology (his work for Raging Stallion). Yes, I have them both.

The man seems to have boundless energy, and he’s up for almost anything. He especially enjoys making films on two fetish, or paraphilia, themes: piss play and cum facials.  He’s enthusiastic about both giving and taking piss, usually managing to do both in a single scene, and he’s wildly enthusiastic about getting cum facials, but also gives them. And although he’s plenty busy with all sorts of man-on-man sex, he also enjoys jacking off (on film and in real life: he’s tweeted about jacking off at home, aroused by watching some of his own films).

Ah yes, the social media. Crosse has a Blogspot page, but hasn’t posted anything on it. But he does tweet a whole lot (as @DamienCrosseXXX), about daily life and his porn work, and he has a Tumblr account (the wildly X-rated with stills and clips from his porn work, with an archive going back some years).

[Digression on the name Damien Crosse. Crosse is Cuban American, so it’s entirely possible that his real last name is Cruz ‘cross’. But then Crosse lives and works in a multilingual environment, so maybe Crosse is an echo of the Québécois slang lacrosse for jacking off.

Pornstar names are very often chosen to convey strongly masculine images of power, aggression, or transgression, and that could be where Damien is going. From Wikipedia:

Damien Thorn is a fictional character and the primary antagonist of The Omen series. He is the Antichrist and the son of the Devil. The character has been portrayed by [a number of actors]

… The name “Damien” sounds vaguely like the English “demon”, but is not at all etymologically related (meaning “he subdues”). Damien is the French form of the English name Damian (Greek damao, meaning “to tame”), popular as the name of a martyred Christian saint of the third century (see Saints Cosmas and Damian). Another prominent Damien was Father Damien of Hawaii, who died while establishing leper colonies there. Damien is also the first name of Father Karras in The Exorcist.

So there’s lots of stuff to play with here. But I’m tickled by the idea of ‘demon jack-off’ or ‘satanic jack-off’.]

On to the official appreciation, of his physical presence (he’s a really hot hunk); of his openly, in fact celebratorily, gay public presence (he appears at festivals and fairs, and as I noted above, has a substantial presence in social media); and of the enthusiastic appetite for sex, of almost any kind, he displays in his porn films. In his films, sometimes he’s dominant, sometimes submissive, and in public he’ll wear leather gear that can be read either way. In his films he’s often an affectionate partner in mutually satisfying sex. He rims guys, sometimes as a gesture of service to another man, sometimes to spit-lube the other man’s asshole in preparation for fucking him. Throughout all of this, he’s remarkably energetic.

(The one thing that I’d fault is that he’s not at all verbal. Lots of moaning and panting and the occasional cry of fuuuck!, but not much past that.)

Here’s a match to the fully X-rated presentation of his body on my X blog, Crosse again playing an intense hustler stud, but here with a pitsntits display — classic beefcake that shows off his big biceps — and performing an extreme cock tease:


Then in a less menacing but still serious shot, a shirtless pose that shows off his shoulders and pecs:


(Note that Crosse’s lightly furred chest and forearms get him classified as hairy in some quarters of the gay male world.)

He’s a Cuban American who grew up in Miami and now lives in Madrid — where in 2009 he married fellow pornstar Francesco D’Macho (who is Italian), also his business partner in Stag Homme films. He entered the porn business in 2005, and in the ten years since then he has amassed a huge body of porn work, first as a performer and now, often as a director; he’s said several times that he intends to move soon from in front of the camera to full-time behind it (though at 33 he’s not old for a male porn performer, and he still looks fantastic).

D’Macho and Crosse cutting their wedding cake:


Both strongly masculine, but in different ways.

In the X blog posting, #7-9 show Crosse and D’Macho together, including in a scene from Falcon/Raging Stallion’s  Porn Stars in Love (showing sex between gay pornstars who are romantic partners in real life). The front cover of the DVD features Crosse and D’Macho, in an affectionate pose that manages not to show any cock:


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