The wonders of spam

I get huge amounts of spam, both in e-mail and in blog comments, so I mostly don’t even look at the stuff. But here’s one (lightly edited to remove links) that caught my eye as I was deleting spam from my mail:

The Better Business Bureau has been recorded the above mentioned plaint from one of your users as regards their business relations with you. The information about the consumer’s uneasiness are available at the link below. Please give attention to this issue and notify us about your glance as soon as possible.

We amiably ask you to click and review the [Grievance Report] to respond on this grievance.

We awaits to your prompt rebound.

It has been coming in multiple copies, with small variations in form. The text looks like it’s inexpertly translated from another language, but whether that effect is inadvertent or intentional I cannot tell.

I am, however, considering using “We awaits to your prompt rebound” in my own writing, or possibly working it into a piece of light verse.

4 Responses to “The wonders of spam”

  1. Jan Says:

    There are definitely not enough plaints anymore.

  2. Allison Wright Says:

    The consumer’s uneasiness is growing, as reflected by the number of plaint-related glance notifications received.

    (I would love to sneak that into a draft translation somewhere and see if the editor/proofreader notices, but would never do it, just in case it was not.)

  3. Spam poetry « Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

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  4. chryss Says:

    Taking a shot in the dark, the “plaint”, “consumer uneasiness” and “rebound” sound as if they could be translations from French. Or, I presume, another Romance language.

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