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Today’s Zits has Sara continuing to enchant Jeremy with her language:

Three things: Eggs Benedick (with /kt/ > /k/ — syllable-final “t/d-deletion”, very common in casual speech), holiday sauce (an eggcorn for hollandaise sauce), and ezackly (a repeat from the previous installment of the strip). Holiday sauce is the prize.

Holiday sauce isn’t in the ecdb, but it’s been discussed on the Eggccorn Forum, notably in August 2008, starting with a posting from lolphysics:

I found an eggcorn at brunch yesterday! My boyfriend asked me if I liked the holiday sauce on my poached eggs. I asked him to repeat himself so I could be sure of what I’d heard. Once I told him the actual name of the sauce, he said that he’d always wondered what holiday the sauce was originally from.

It makes sense. We have Easter Ham. There are Christmas Cookies. Why not an all-purpose Holiday Sauce?

… Since it’s a pain to prepare, it makes sense that it’s use would be limited to special occasions.

Nice rationalization for the reinterpretation.

Poster Peter Forster added holidays sauce, with two cites (the links are no longer functional):

I grew up thinking hollandaise sauce was actually called “holidays sauce” because we only ever had it on holidays. 🙂 (Manolo for the Big Girl site)

It makes a great Holidays Sauce for Eggs Benedict also! As you can see even when backpacking, I will be eating well! (Discuss Cooking site)

And kem noted that there are some hits for Holland day sauce as well. Here’s an example:

Q: What is holland day sauce?

A: A rich creamy sauce made of butter, egg yolks, and lemon juice or vinegar is holland day sauce. (link)

Some of these uses seem to involve unreflecting reinterpretations, but there are some from people who know hollandaise sauce but use holiday(s) sauce for a mock hollandaise. On “Eggs Benedict with Holiday Sauce” (the sauce uses cream cheese and milk in place of butter):

Eggs Benedict holds the place in my family as being the favorite part of Easter. Yes, really…even though one key member of the family won’t even try it. My father also was reluctant to try it back when newlywed with a strange southern wife in the kitchen. He tried it and liked it, thereby leaving us where we are today: the big deal meal in our house on Christmas and Easter is Eggs Benedict.

Disclosure: the sauce in no way resembles “normal” hollandaise sauce. My mother calls it a “mock” hollandaise when describing to friends, but I always thought she said holiday sauce when she would instruct me to get things out of the fridge for her or to stir it. Eggs Benedict = Holiday breakfast, so holiday sauce must go on it. (link)

And on “Holidays Sauce.. Our Miraculous Journey Into Low-Fat Delicacies”:

Next recipe: Mock Hollandaise, which a clever lady named, ‘Holidays Sauce’. Again, intriguing. This recipe was for a lower fat version of the original that promised to be flavorful, but less likely to kill you on the spot, AND it only required One Burner.

At first I was a little unsure of the merits of using sour cream instead of the traditional melted butter, I mean, how much lower fat could it be? Quite a bit, actually. Don’t get me wrong, this still probably isn’t going to be something we eat every day, but you really do save yourself by using sour cream. (link)

7 Responses to “More Zits language”

  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    beitzot b’ruchot – that’s eggs benedict without the ham….

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Then there’s the excellent salmon benedict.

      • Bob Richmond Says:

        Arnold, I’m glad to know that. I don’t think Jeremy’s mother is well delineated graphically – she and Sara look a lot alike.

        My three favorite comic strips – Zits, Sally Forth, and Baldo – are all drawn by pairs of men. The guys that draw Sally Forth – which crackles with heterosexuality – I’d guess are straight. I’d guess the same about Cantú and Castellanos.

  2. Robert Says:

    “Eggs Benedick (with /kt/ > /k/ — syllable-final “t/d-deletion”, very common in casual speech)”

    Possibly (although dubiously in Sara’s case) influenced by a passing acquaintance with _Much Ado About Nothing_.

  3. arnold zwicky Says:

    Now on the ecdb, here and here.

  4. Bob Richmond Says:

    Zits is my favorite current comic strip, those two guys can DRAW!

    His dictis – do you think Jeremy is gay? Is Pierce his real love? Is Sara a foil?

    I’d point out that the men in the strip are carefully delineated, while the women all look like they were cast in the same mold.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      I’ve been assuming that the male teenagers get more attention than the female ones just because the cartoonists are male. The cartoonists are also parents, so both of Jeremy’s parents are well delineated.

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