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Added to my website this afternoon, ten more publications of mine. Some of them are in my “Methodology, argumentation, evidence” posting (indicated by M&A in the list below).

“The free-ride principle and two rules of complete assimilation in English” (Chicago Linguistic Society, 1970). [#13. M&A]

“The analytic leap: From ‘Some Xs are Ys’ to ‘All Xs are Ys'” (Chicago Linguistic Society, 1973). [#26. M&A]

“The strategy of generative phonology”, in Dressler & MareŇ°, Phonologica 1972, 1975. [#23. M&A]

“On markedness in morphology” (Die Sprache, 1978).

“”Internal” and “external” evidence in linguistics” (PSA80, vol. 2, 1981). [#44. M&A]

Arnold Zwicky & Ann Zwicky, “Register as a dimension of linguistic variation” (Kittredge & J. Lehrberger, 1982).

“Heads” (Journal of Linguistics, 1985).

“How to describe inflection” (Berkeley Linguistics Society, 1985).

“The general case: basic form versus default form” (Berkeley Linguistics Society, 1986). [#74. M&A]

“Heads, bases, and functors” (Corbett, Fraser, & McGlashan, Heads in Grammatical Theory, 1993).


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