Self-awareness and a milestone

Self-aware cartoon characters come up here every so often — most recently, in a Scenes From a Multiverse strip (#2 here). Today’s Zippy brings us to self-aware diners:

With this posting, we reach a milestone: this is the 4000th posting in this blog. No wonder I have trouble remembering what I’ve posted on here!

So it’s a Zippy set in a diner (with Elvis, Marilyn, and James Dean in guest roles). But which diner?

Unfortunately, there are many Village Diners in the U.S. Some can be excluded because their external appearance is nothing at all like the one in the cartoon. Others are close, but differ in details; for instance, they have a free-standing outside sign, but it’s supported by one post rather than the two in the drawing above. For the moment it’s a Mystery Diner. [But now see Larry Schourup’s comment, which seems to have solved the mystery.]

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  1. Larry Schourup Says:

    It seems to be the Village Diner of Millerton, NY, seen in this 2000 photo:

    The Zippy panel omits the right-hand entrance & beyond. The newspaper box has been replaced, and the circular planter moved, but the “OPEN” placard remains where it was. The same diner appears in several old Zippy strips (e.g., ‘Dieting, Shopping, and Bert” 1/5/02).

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