A California breakfast

Today’s Rhymes With Orange:

A liquid-free breakfast, in the California drought times.

So California in California breakfast here refers to the place, but then indirectly to the components of the preparation.

Compare my earlier postings on foods with California in their names, here and here, which frequently conveys that the preparation contains avocado.

Two provisos. First, the link to avocados comes only for foods and food preparations that might imaginably be improved by the addition of avocado. So California bread (like sourdough) and California cheese (like Monterey jack) merely refer to foods that are in some way characteristic of California or available there. Similarly for California coffee (Peet’s, maybe).

Second, as Karen Schaffer noted in a comment on my second posting, in Minnesota (where she grew up) — and (I believe) in some other parts of the Midwest — a California burger means ‘with lettuce and tomato’. Presumably the name comes from the idea that California food is exotic or fancy — not just your plain, simple hamburger.

Meanwhile, I’ve unearthed a California breakfast casserole and a California breakfast sandwich, both with avocado. And I’ve recalled a breakfast offered in some restaurants Jacques and I stopped in on our drives through the middle of America: a California breakfast¬†featuring granola and yoghurt.

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