Take the train!

Today’s Zippy gets us on the train in Zippy’s delicious dream:


The key thing in the strip is the name McCloud, which takes us to the McCloud Railway and Mount Shasta CA, with its Shasta Sunset Dinner Train (no longer, alas, operating).

On the railway, from Wikipedia:

The McCloud Railway … was a class III railroad operated around Mount Shasta, California. It began operations on July 1, 1992 when it took over operations from the McCloud River Railroad. … The MCR provided both freight service as well as passenger excursion trains like the Shasta Sunset Dinner Train.

… On June 27, 2005, the railroad applied … to abandon most of its line.

More on the town of McCloud, on the Mercantile Hotel site:

Nestled against the base of Mount Shasta, McCloud, CA presents countless opportunities to visitors interested in sight seeing, special tours, unique fishing experiences, and many winter sports activities.  Here are but a few ideas of how you can spend your Northern California vacation while allowing the McCloud River Mercantile Hotel to serve as your base of operations!…

SCENIC TOURS: Shasta Sunset Dinner Train – Located in downtown McCloud, next door to the Mercantile. Offers 3-hour dinner train excursions and scenic trips around Mount Shasta. The Dinner train is currently closed.


The Shasta Sunset train from the outside:


(photo by Peter and Karen Ely)

And inside, in more pleasant days (as in Zippy’s dream):


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