Pretty in pink: my homo pony

Yesterday, I posted, in “Two extravagant mani-corns”, two homoerotic photos of hunky men dressed as unicorns: #1 elaborately posed, #2 an unposed shot taken on the fly at this year’s Coachella Festival. I quickly discovered the photographer for #2, but failed to identify either the photographer or the model in #1. But that’s been remedied, in Facebook by David Preston, in a comment on my posting here by reader R: the photo comes from the studio Exterface (an obvious play on interface), and the model works under the professional name David Morgan. But both my informants noted that the shot in #1, extravagant though it was, was only the tamest in a wild portfolio of photos, three more of which I’ll post here.

It’s not easy to get information about Exterface Studio, but from the material on its site, it would seem to be devoted to intensely homoerotic photography (though, apparently, short of displaying genitals openly). High quality, totally in-your-face work.

A BuzzFeed piece (of 2/19/13 by Saeed Jones) on what I’ll call the Homo Pony spread comes under the headings:

The Sexiest Gay S&M Unicorn Photo Shoot You’ve Ever Seen

There are bronies, and then there are bronies. This unicorn is so NSFW.

(From a 9/20/11 posting: brony is “bro + pony (as in My Little Pony): a grown man who’s a fan of the television show and the toys”.)

Yesterday’s #1, with the meme text there cropped out:


This is wonderfully outrageous, but on to harder stuff: Homo Pony with a crystal ball gag, in a photo that also highlights his pink harness and collar, plus the pink armband (on his right arm, signifying that he’s a bottom):


Then a blatant crotch display (in pink crotchless pants and a pink jockstrap), holding a riding crop in his teeth:


Finally, a cock-tease shot, with a smiling Homo Pony wearing a My Little Pony t-shirt (showing a pony named Ruben):


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