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From Daily Jocks this morning, this ad:


Kendall has a rock-hard body and a
Menacing look, but he’s a
Muscle bottom who wants only
Black tops for sex – for years he
Searched for one who would
Humiliate and verbally abuse him
During sex but affectionately
Treasure his cute ass when they’re done
Playing – now he’s accepted M-Dig as
Master, they have matching black
Strap Jocks, and Kenny Boy is being
Fitted for a collar, happy man



#2 is from the C-IN site, which is way gay. Also on the site is this scene of men modeling The Basics:


What’s the drama here? Two men competing for the affection of the third, in the middle, who can’t make up his mind? Whatever, everybody’s got serious abs and package-flattering underwear in basic skivvy white.

The ad copy from DJ:

Go H+A+R+D or go home!

The all new H+A+R+D range from C-in2 [pronounced “see in two”] combines old school style with new cutting edge design in this exciting new collection.

Featuring ultra-thick straps and ribbed cotton pouch, these jocks and briefs give you superior support while remaining soft on your skin.

The range features jockstraps and briefs in white, black and red that are bound to move fast, so don’t miss out!

Further information on the DJ website: the firm, headed by designer Gregory Sovell, is based in NYC.

Things to take up, some of them echoing previous postings here: the expression his cute ass in the caption; the name M-Dig; the Strap Jock, versus your classic jockstrap; slave collars; black on white sex; the mindset of submission.

His cute ass. An ambiguity here: M-Dig treasuring Kenny Boy’s buttocks, and the anus that is their centerpiece; or him treasuring Kenny Boy the man, with his cute ass used as a pronominal expression. For the second sense, with possessive pronoun + ass used as a pronominal, there is in fact some linguistic literature, namely

John Beavers & Andrew Koontz-Garboden, A universal pronoun in English? Linguistic Inquiry 37.3.503-13 (2006)

One example (of a number) from this paper: “their asses sure know how to fuckin’ jam” ‘they sure know how to jam’. Yes, the construction is very much street vernacular (but not specifically black street vernacular).

M-Dig. The name was meant to suggest, at considerable distance, mandingo, now slang for ‘black man with a huge dick’, ultimately from the ethnonym Mandingo, for a West African tribe. Possibly through the medium of a book, a play, and a movie, Mandingo came to connote intense black sexuality, threatening and emasculating to white men in general, but attractive to many gay white men (especially in the South) as a symbol of virility.

On the movie, from Wikipedia:

Mandingo is an American motion picture released by Paramount Pictures in 1975. It is based on the novel Mandingo by Kyle Onstott, and on the play Mandingo by Jack Kirkland (which is derived from the novel). The film was directed by Richard Fleischer and starred James Mason, Susan George, Perry King, and boxer-turned-actor Ken Norton. It was widely derided when released, although some reviews are positive. It was followed by a sequel in 1976, titled Drum, which also starred Norton.

… [In the movie,] Hammond [Maxwell, played by Perry King] purchases a Mandingo slave named Ganymede (Ken Norton). Nicknamed “Mede”, the slave works for Hammond as a prize-fighter. … Hammond also breeds Mede with female slaves on his plantation.


The Strap Jock. The garment in #1 and #2 is a variant of the classic jockstrap. It has broad leg straps that cross over the pouch to attach to the waistband in front, rather than narrow straps attaching to the waistband at the hips.  In both variants, the straps attach at the other end to the bottom of the pouch, to provide support for the genitals.

Side views of, first, a strap jock and then a classic jock:



#5 shows a jock from the C-IN2 Super Bright collection, which comes in neon colors: Toxic Green, Cone Orange, and (above) Shocking Pink. #6 has one from the C-IN2 Zen Street collection, which comes in several colors, including Garden of Eden (green), above.

#1 and #2 have Mr. Cop jocks from the C-IN2 H+A+R+D collection, which comes in Cadet (blue), Mr. Cop (black), and Gray Knight. Mr. Cop from the rear:


Slave collars. In the caption, M-Dig is taking his slave Kenny Boy to get a collar — a piece of fetishwear that will signify that Kenny Boy is M-Dig’s property. (There are slave collars crafted to look like male necklaces, so that the slave is not publicly advertising his status as property so overtly — but still with a lock on it.)

Here’s a low-intensity slave collar — it’s from Sears — with a leash attached:


But here’s a hard-core number, paired with a heavy-duty gag on the slave’s mouth:


This from a site for gay masters and slaves; text there, directed at masters:

This is a high quality leather collar. It is comfortable for your slave to wear for training sessions and long periods. It’s a good width, which means your slave won’t forget it has it on, but it won’t obstruct movement or weigh it down. It can be locked on, so only you can take it off, not your boy. I really like [that] it has several rings, which are strong enough to be used for bondage. Attach a leash to the middle one and bind its hands to the 2 side rings. A very effective position to train your boy in.

(Note that the slave is referred to with the pronoun it, not he. The slave is mere property.)

More on slavery, dominance and submission, bondage and discipline, and humiliation and abuse to come.

Black on white sex. We’re recently been on this topic, in “The gay gangbang fantasy” of  December 10th. Ok, the gangbang by a crowd of black men is mostly just a fantasy for most gay men, though it’s an evergreen subject of gay porn. But quite a few gay white men fantasize about being taken by a black man, some seek it out in the venues of gay sex, and some desire it passionately, seeing themselves as faggots in need of being used by a powerful, virile stud, especially a black one: a gay Mandingo, in fact.

[Digression with material about my own life that some might want to skip. In my wild days of long ago, I had sex with quite a few black men, in one case on a more or less regular basis, but with one exception, the sex was mutual and, as far as I could see, without notable racial overtones; our drive for sexual connection outweighed any racial issues in the background.

The one exception was a black man seeking submission and offering verbal abuse and humiliation, in part on the basis of race, in part because he saw himself as a powerful stud and saw me as a worthless faggot. I was astonished at the strong arousal of my response: there were submissive kinks in me I hadn’t appreciated before. On occasion I pursued those kinks, but, as it happened, only with white men. The race thing really didn’t move me.]

Still, it does move a surprising number of gay white men, who celebrate their worthless faggot state and beg to submit to a black man who will treat them like honky shit. Their websites ache with need.

Gay black men are mostly appalled by this attitude, which they find creepy, but some will play along for the sake of the sex, and men who see themselves as dominants and masters often welcome the chance to display their dominance in a new arena.

The mindset of submission. In principle, independent of racial preferences, there are preferences for roles in sexual relationships bottom, top, versatile) and (for some men) in emotional relations: Kendall in my caption is a bottom and seeks black men, but he’s also a submissive, the sort of man I posted about in my December 11th AZBlogX posting “The pleasure of humiliation”, illustrated by a photo with the caption “Two faggot sluts being led by their worthless dicks”, showing two naked men bound with rope, hands tied behind their backs, one with a ball gag in his mouth, both being publicly humiliated in front of a crowd of onlookers — and both enjoying the experience to such a degree that they have serious hard-ons.

The photo is surely from the Kink Men / Bound in Public site, which specializes in videos of such scenes. And this site is just one on the larger kink.com site, which describes itself this way:

Kink.com’s mission is to create the most authentic BDSM experiences that foster community and empower people to explore their sexuality. The company was started in 1997 by bondage enthusiast Peter Acworth. After launching his first website – Hogtied.com – and running it from his graduate school dorm room for a full year, Peter moved the company to San Francisco, where it has continued to grow into the world’s most recognized and respected company promoting the acceptance of human sexuality.

Kink’s studios are headquartered in the San Francisco Armory, a 200,000 square foot 1914 reproduction of a Moorish Castle that served as a National Guard Armory and Arsenal until the 1970s. The historic landmark was purchased from a private owner in 2006.

Kink.com operates eighteen premium subscription sites with content ranging from sex machines to rope bondage to erotic wrestling and much more. … Kink Men offers the best and most authentic gay bondage.

The videos show consensual sex. The guys in Bound in Public have sought out these experiences. A typical video starts with an interview between a staff member and the target or targets for this particular video; the plot of the scene is described in some detail, and everybody involved shows that they understand this, agree to it, in fact look forward to it. Often they explain what they hope to achieve from this scene (usually they say that they look forward to being tested). After the scene has been shot, there’s another interview in which the scene is reviewed. Both interviews are remarkably good-natured.

As far as I know, these interviews never have guys saying what a fair number of guys say, in one way or another, on their websites and in comments on porn sites, namely that they want to be treated as worthless faggot pieces of shit by superior men (gay or straight) and to understand that that’s just great — they embrace and celebrate this identity, defiantly and proudly, even saying things like “These superior men helped make me the man I am”. They welcome verbal abuse, public humiliation, bondage, (carefully calibrated) physical abuse (flogging, cock and ball torture, and much else), slavery, being pissed on, and more.

The mindset is some paradoxical combination of showng that you can take it like a man (I’m a better man for having been tested) and absorbing true virility from serving a superior man.

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  1. Arne Adolfsen Says:

    “Mandingo”!!! I vaguely remember the movie and what it was about, but I’m much more likely to think of the West African tribe when I come across the name. Or was when I still lived in Los Angeles. Young and ostensibly straight white guys here in semi-rural northwestern Georgia nervously joke about such fanciful things as “mandingo parties”, as in “That tent looks like it’d be big enough for a mandingo party” — har har. What is the “har har” here? It’s not the kind of subject I’d care to explore with ill-educated and armed rednecks a third my age so I mostly just don’t react. I do my Buster Keaton “stoneface” thing and try not to flinch.

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