Portmanteaus: forkchops

Not quite your standard portmanteau: forkchops, from fork + chopsticks, but obviously modeled on porkchops. From the ThinkGeek people:

ForkChops 3-in-1 Eating Utensils are three of the most common utensils all mashed into one. You get a fork. You get a knife. You even get a pair of chopsticks! The tips of the chopsticks are even textured for better gripping!

(It comes in black polystyrene.)

You could go this one better: you could replace the fork by a spork (spoon + fork) — though multi-purpose implements tend to function less well than any of their constituents. (Sporks are not very good as spoons or as forks; their primary function is to reduce cafeteria costs.)


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    I have a great set of plastic eating implements: a knife, fork, and spoon that snap together at their bases. Very heavy plastic, virtually indestructible. From Tupperware.

    (Yes, I got it at a Tupperware party. In Columbus OH, sponsored by local service organizations. A combination of a Tupperware party and a safe-sex demonstration aimed at gay men; it was all about sealing things up.)

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