At the movies for Pride

Pride weekend is upon us; Sunday is Stonewall Day. And from the Advocate magazine from last year (6/23/14), a rundown of “Essential Films of All Time for LGBT Viewers”. Actually, an overwhelming list, of “the top 175” such films! And that’s excluding anything from television.

Well, they’re ranked, with Brokeback Mountain at #1.


(There’s a posting on this blog from 2010 on gay and on this movie.)

The exclusions:

Television movies aren’t included (sorry, The Laramie Project, An Early Frost, and Gia). Television series aren’t included either (apologies to Tales of the City, AbFab, and Angels in America).

And the remaining 9 from the top 10:

2 Milk – 3 Paris Is Burning – 4 Cabaret – 5 The Boys in the Band – 6 Philadelphia – 7 Bound – 8 Desert Hearts – 9 Boys Don’t Cry – 10 Parting Glances

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