Sara and D’ijon double-team Jeremy

The Zits from the 21st takes up a recurrent theme in the strip:

Over the years, Mark Liberman and I have posted about the Chatty Girls trope on the strip, retailing the (basically false) stereotype that women, and especially teenage girls, chatter on ceaselessly, overwhelming guys (with their laconic ways). One guy sandwiched between two girls doesn’t have a chance.

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  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    An interesting feature of Zits (one of the few remaining comic strips that’s both well drawn and funny) is that, while the males differ greatly from each other, the females all have about the same facial features, like Sara and D’ijon – supposedly of different races – in this panel.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Yes, the girls are very similar: same face (same eyes, nose, and mouth), differing otherwise in their skin color and hair. While Jeremy, Pierce, and Hector are much more differentiated.

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