The adventures of AZ

From Stan Carey, this entertaining book cover:

This appears on the Lousy Book Covers site, the motto of which is

Just because you CAN design your own book cover doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

But Stan was attracted to it because of the hero’s name.

And for another reason; Stan writes:

My favourite part of the cover (apart from the title) is the accidental duck in the top left quadrant.

(The duck’s bill is the tip of Archie’s lance.) Meanwhile, Archie appears to be drooling. That’s a (somewhat awkwardly drawn) dolphin he’s riding. The Hokusai wavelets are a nice touch.

The publisher’s blurb, from

[published November 15, 2010] Sixteen-year-old Archibald Zwick is vacationing with his family on a remote island in the Bermuda archipelago. Almost immediately on arrival, he takes his kayak out into the open ocean, where he soon becomes caught in a freak storm and is left disoriented and alone, not knowing where he is or how to get back.

When fatigue and fear have almost caused him to lose hope, he comes upon a mysterious city inhabited by a strange but friendly people. Archie, however, wants only to return to his parents, something that the inhabitants of this mysterious city seem unable – or unwilling – to help him do.

Instead, Archie becomes the center of a struggle that plunges the city into a deadly civil war, and he finds that his own fate is inextricably linked to that of his strange new world.

Will Archie ever find his way back to his parents and his home? And are there clues in the city’s eight towers that will point the way home?

Join young Archibald Zwick in this epic battle of good versus evil.

And the biographical note on the author:

Robert Leslie Palmer, a Birmingham, Alabama attorney, received a B.A. from Tulane University and a J.D. from Georgetown University. He thoroughly enjoys writing and for many years has published law review articles, poetry, and newspaper commentaries. After twenty-seven years in practice, he is now on sabbatical to pursue a life-long dream of writing full-time.

No, I haven’t read the book.


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