Bizarro POP

On the heels of the phrasal overlap portmanteau (POP) iPad Thai, today’s Bizarro gives us photographic memory foam mattress:

That’s the idiom photographic memory + the commercial compound memory foam mattress ‘mattress made of memory foam’, giving our traveler an unpleasant surprise in his bed.

(The still life above the bed has two of Don Piraro’s hidden symbols in it: the rabbit and the eyeball.)

I posted a similar POP, in a Rhymes With Orange cartoon, in introducing POPs:

Fond memory foam bed is based on two two-word expressions, the A + N combination (a common collocation or cliché — depending on your opinion of the combination) fond memory and the N + N compound (a kind of commercial jargon) memory foam bed.

(An earlier Bizarro POP — clown college football widow — is here.)

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