This is not a President

Passed on by Adam Schembri on Facebook, this topical parody of Magritte’s The Betrayal of Images (Ceci n’est pas une pipe):

A clever reversal of Magritte’s image by Annette Müllender.

A number of others have parodied the Magritte by making the bowl of the pipe into an image of POTUS’s head, but this one exploits his hair to make the stem of the pipe. Very satisfying.

(The Betrayal of Images comes by every so often on this blog — most recently on 3/11/15, with a Zippy riff on the painting.)

[Added 6/5, a link to a Zippy with a POTUS version of the Magritte, #1 in this 2/27/17 posting.]

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  1. NETT Says:

    Greetings from Annette Müllender. Glad to see my pipe here on this page. Thanks! NETT

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