Internet enlightenment

From several friends, this xkcd:

You must free yourself from judgment and come to the Internet with a Zen mind, no longer caring that Someone Is Wrong On the Internet. In particular, cast away your concerns about spelling.

(I would have had the text go I HERD YOU’RE …But that’s just me.)



3 Responses to “Internet enlightenment”

  1. strangeguitars Says:

    A difficult road, indeed; I wouldn’t have made it past “judgment” (it hurts to type that!).

  2. RF Says:

    Strangeguitars: Are you British? In the US the normal spelling is, indeed, “judgment.” Or am I missing your point?

  3. Brief notice: judg(e)ment | Arnold Zwicky's Blog Says:

    […] from strangeguitars on my “Internet enlightenment” posting, about the difficult road to the Zen state of Internet enlightenment (no longer caring […]

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