Another contribution to the X happens file (previous postings here and here), from the Mental Floss people:

Like Sit happens, Ship happens is very close phonologically to Shit happens ‘bad things happen’And the image has the extra virtue of depicting a disaster.


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Melinda Shore on Google+:

    Are you familiar with the (country) song “It Happens,” by Sugarland? [The lyric “Sorry ’bout your neck, baby” makes me laugh every time]

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Daniel Elwell on Google+:

    Calls to mind a song by Brigid’s Cross – a Cleveland area Celtic Rock band – called “Suzie”: [Suzie, Suzie, sittin’ in an Irish pub..All day long she sits and sips, all day long she sips and sits…sits and sips and sips and sits.. sitting in an Irish pub.] Other verses follow the same construction: … driving in a Chevrolet/sits and shifts… … working in a shoe shine shop/sits and shines … working at an oyster bar/sits and shucks… working in a tailor shop/fits and tucks…. It’s a singalong with the obvious goal to get the audience to invert the initial consonants resulting in an amusing profanity. Which of course is very likely to occur, especial when the audience is not well practiced with the song and has been drinking pints of Guinness all evening….

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