Doing the Zwicky

By accident, I stumbled on this Urban Dictionary entry this morning:

758. the-Zwicky: A sexual maneuver where you are getting blown, and as you are about to cum, pull out, stick your dick in her ear and jiz. When she screams, you quickly haul back and dick slap her across the forehead to shut her up.

“Dude, I pulled the Zwicky on a chick last night, and now she’s got an ear infection (by Zwicks Aug 31, 2004)

Clearly a made-up gross-out entry by someone named Zwick or Zwicky. There are four other equally unpleasant entries contributed by this guy.

For the record, I disassociate myself from any such sexual practice, with woman, man, or beast.


5 Responses to “Doing the Zwicky”

  1. Bob Richmond Says:

    Not an entirely relevant comment – but many years ago I worked with a woman whose maiden name had been Ann Young. She’d hated her name because when the teacher arranged the children alphabetically in the classroom Ann always had to sit in the back of the room. She’d sworn she’d do something about it when she got married.

    When I worked with her her name was Ann Zurek.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Yeah, I was always in the last seat in the last row, right behind Ernie Ziemba. On the other hand, you develop “alphabet acquaintainces” with the other kids at the end of the alphabet, the U V W Y Z kids.

      • Robert Says:

        Now, you see, the creative teacher would sometimes arrange a class in alphabetical order by *first* name. (Of course, that wouldn’t have helped you if you’d been named, say, Yuri.)

      • Z Says:

        Shouldn’t it be “jizz”? He wrote “jiz”. It was a typo, I suppose.

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    To Z:
    Yes, clearly a typo. I try not t dwell too much on things like this.

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