Cartoon retirement

Today’s Zippy:


The characters pass on.

On Bazooka Joe:

Bazooka Joe is a comic strip character, featured on small comics included inside individually wrapped pieces of Bazooka bubblegum. He wears a black eyepatch, lending him a distinctive appearance. He is one of the more recognizable American advertising characters of the 20th century, due to worldwide distribution, and one of the few identifiable ones associated with a candy.


And his end:

Bazooka bubble gum axes Bazooka Joe comics after 59 years, by Kevin Melrose (December 3, 2012)

As part of an overhaul of its logo and packaging, the 65-year-old Bazooka bubblegum is replacing its red, white and blue color scheme and dropping the tiny Bazooka Joe comic strip that’s wrapped each piece of the pink candy since 1953. Yes, first Twinkies, and now the eyepatch-wearing Joe [and his turtleneck-wearing buddy Mort]. (link)

And Elsie:

Elsie the Cow is a cartoon cow that has been used as the logo for the Borden Dairy Company since 1936.

Elsie was created in the 1930s to symbolize the “perfect dairy product”. For a time in the mid-1940s when she was voiced by Hope Emerson, she was better known than some human celebrities, and Elsie the Cow remains among the most recognizable product logos in the United States and Canada.

… Elsie’s husband, Elmer the Bull, was later lent to Borden’s chemical division as the mascot for Elmer’s Glue. Their offspring included Beulah, Beauregard (born 1948), and twins Larabee and Lobelia (born 1957). Elsie has earned such honorary degrees from Universities as Doctor of Bovinity, Doctor of Human Kindness and Doctor of Ecownomics.


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