Unguinal genitalia

Yes, genitals on your nails (Lat. unguis (Nom.), unguinis (Gen.) ‘fingernail’). Not for kids or the sexually modest.

From Katie Schmitz a few days back, a link to “This Vagina Nail Art Is Perfect For When The Patriarchy’s Got You Down” on the Femalista site on 8/19/17:


Portland [OR] nail artist Asa Bree, owner of [Finger Bang] Nail Salon — yes, that’s the real name — created two accent nails that depict a pretty shockingly accurate miniature female anatomy. (The remaining four nails were covered in glitter, exactly like some vaginas.)

… Asa created the design with five different shades of pink gel polish, finished off with a shiny pearl. As BuzzFeed News reports, the entire look took about two hours.

[Finger Bang] creates more than just artful vaginas. Check out a few of their nail designs, which include everything from gems to rainbows to Beatles portraits.


The genital nail art in #1 is a sculptured gel hand job with custom art, which takes 2 to 2 1/2 hrs and costs $90.

The salon is into X job names. It offers:

removal/repair jobs, foot jobs, natural nail hand jobs, sulptured gel hand jobs, acrylic hand jobs

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