Remarkable underwear

A mock underwear ad from the Snake Oil people:

(I came across this first in the January 2011 Funny Times.) The funkyfresh cline is a nice touch.

And now the underwear worn by the first family (Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel, from right to left) in anticipation of Christmas:

(From the Awkward Family Photos site, which Chris Ambidge pointed me to.) Chris comments:

I’m amused at how mama/Eve carefully has her feet in fourth position. I’m wondering how many months in therapy this photo caused Cain and Abel.

The photo was taken well before the boys grew up and Cain killed Abel. Happier times in post-Edenic SantaLand.

I’m wondering if the Stanes people make fig leaves with the Freshness Indicator.

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  1. Tané Tachyon Says:

    I remember my midwives’ office having a corkboard of photos families had sent in, including a Christmas card similar to the above except for being a sideview of the father lying on his stomach on the ground, then the mother on top of him, then the largest of the three children, the the middle child, then the smallest. No Santa hats or fig leaves to be seen, but yes heads turned toward the camera with big smiles.

    It’s Santa Cruz, there’s a fair amount of nudity here.

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