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While struggling through the climax of deconstruction and demolition in my kitchen and laundry closet (after weeks of lead-up work) — vast replacement of crumbling pipes from the condo above mine (but running through my walls and under the concrete slab that makes my floor) — I’ve been posting playful sexy stuff on my X blog:

5/11/11: Mel Roberts boys (link). Photographs of Southern California boys from the 60s and 70s.

5/11/11: FWA (link). Jeff Dauber in 1996 and now.

5/12/11: Dick decorating (link). Jewels and a bungee cord.

5/12/11: On the moose-knuckle watch (link). Two notable photos.

5/13/11: Gladiators and centurians (link). Naked porn actors with Roman headgear, plus material about the 1981 porn flick Centurians (sic) of Rome.

5/13/11: Cumrades (link). Comic erotic photography/digital art by Harald Siewert.

5/13/11: The Flandrin pose (link). An 1836 painting that’s inspired a vein of homoerotic artworks.

5/13/11: Sam Carson (link). Male photography by Carson, mostly of cute All-American young men, mostly in their underwear. Erotically charged but charming.

With luck, the deconstruction will be over tomorrow; then no more jackhammering, sawing through kitchen tiles, and drilling. Reconstruction to follow.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    And now: 5/14/11: Richard de Chazal (link). Fantastical-erotic works by the Australian photographer.

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    […] a continuation of my inventory of sexy stuff on my X blog (here), bringing things up to date since May 14: 5/17/11: The lure of lace (link): lace underwear for […]

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