The inevitable POP

Having just posted on Pad Thai, I should have realized that the inevitable techie phrasal overlap portmanteau (or POP) would have cropped up: iPad Thai. And so it has.

First, and somewhat distantly, a website with that as the header, though it turns out that:

There’s a new Apple Store in town and it’s not an Apple Store at all; it’s a Thai Restaurant [named iThai]

But then an hyperactive video:

Caption: Apple have gone and done it again with the iPad Thai, adding flavour and crunch to the existing iPad!

Then Pad Thai on an iPad, here:

(Several viewers were puzzled about what that was on the screen.)

And then, the Steve Jobs version:

This is a “Steve Jobs Cheese Head” — crafted from mozzarella, with black-pepper hair. Pad Thai is a malleable dish, but is rarely combined with cheese.

There’s more, of course. The POP is irresistable.

(Yes, I know: the overlap works orthographically – in PAD — but not, for most English speakers, phonologically, since they have /æ/ in iPad but /a/ in Pad Thai.)

4 Responses to “The inevitable POP”

  1. Victor SteinbokOh, Says:

    And, I suppose, Pod Thai is the Pod People from Thailand; and iPod Thai… Oh, never mind!

  2. W Says:

    iPho is another I’ve seen. I hear it corresponds well to the Vietnamese pronunciation of “iPhone”.

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    […] the heels of the phrasal overlap portmanteau (POP) iPad Thai, today’s Bizarro gives us photographic memory foam […]

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