Another dubious portmanteau

To add to the previous crop of dubious portmanteaus, I offer blogumn ‘blog column’ (suggested by Victor Steinbok). I’m not convinced of the utility of the word, though possibly some people see a distinction between postings (or posts) that are columns and those that aren’t. But mostly the word annoys me because it really works only visually (with the MN from COLUMN); in speech, all that’s left of column is unaccented um.

Victor sent me a recent John Buccigross hockey column on, containing:

There are 1,000 more things to talk about. Hopefully we will get to them all by season’s end on the video blogs, blogumns and podcasts. It’s going be a great season with a great ending. (link)

The word comes up frequently in Buccigross’s writing. Here are two examples from 2009:

For those of you who have been here since day one, you know this “blogumn” has a little bit of everything from the universe of hockey, music and fried foods…. My column, or blogumn, or whatever you wish to call this collection of words, will now be dispersed over two days, Tuesday and Wednesday. (link)

This blogumn is generally about the important things in life: kids, Hakan Loob, deep-fried cheese and pet otters. (link)

Others have used it as well. Here are two cites from 2008 and one from 2009:

Blogumn to Come
I plan to get another blogumn up tomorrow…  (link)

A blogumn by Delia Hauser (link)

The Blogumn
My next blog column (a blogumn?) will be on the facebook phenomenon. (link)

The word has probably been invented several times independently.


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  1. Ernessa T. Carter Says:

    So interesting! I wasn’t aware that other people were using this term and as EIC of Fierce and Nerdy, I get a lot of guff from a few of our bloggers re my insistence on using it. But loving that there have been other independent creations of the word. As one of thos independent creators, obviously I love the word, but trust that it’s controversial even among FaN’s ranks. In any case, thanks for linking back to us.

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