Drunk Cartoons


A new series by cartoonist Bob Eckstein (who’s been around on this blog for three years now; see his Page). From the 6th, on the Weekly Humorist site, “Drunk Cartoon: Pants”:


Your first inclination will be to understand drunk cartoon as a Topic N + N compound, meaning (roughly) ‘cartoon about drunks’ (cf. psychiatrist cartoon, caveman cartoon, etc.) — in which case, you’ll be trying to figure out what the old drunk on the park bench sees in the duck. Donald Duck? But Donald doesn’t wear pants — just a sailor shirt and cap. Mickey’s the one in pants. Puzzlement.

Instead, drunk cartoon is intended as a Subject N + N compound, meaning (roughly) ‘cartoon by a drunk’ (cf. Thurber cartoon): a cartoon drawn by (what we are to imagine as) a drunken Bob Eckstein. So we’re in a somewhat surreal world.

A footnote.: I did a Google search on Bob, to see if there were other cartoons I wanted to add to this one — and discovered these links to sets of Eckstein images:


That was back on the 6th. Apparently, these headers are constantly re-done, automatically; in two searches today I got two different sets, neither of them mentioning me. But they did take me to “Drunk Cartoon: Cake”:


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